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Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a repeat buyer, I am here to help you.

Explore a Chip Reverse mortgage and keep your home.

A Reverse mortgage is perfect for people who have accumulated equity in their home and want to use their funds for their needs or may want to help their family, as well as Seniors who need more funds for their cost of living. Contact me to find out more.

If you are over 55 years old and have home equity, we may explore a Reverse mortgage. In some cases, a Chip Reverse mortgage is ideal for seniors who need care or want to avail of their equity and stay in their home. You will not have to make mortgage payments.

My services are Residential and Commercial mortgages.

You may visit my services below. But try me for a consultation on anything related to financing.

We connect with other companies that offer wills, mortgage insurance, credit repair, debt consolidation, private mortgages, business funds, leasing equipment and more.

My role extends beyond mere transactions

It is committed to helping individuals and families achieve financial goals and aspirations.

You may want to help your children with financing or qualify for a mortgage.

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Buying your first home in the Vaughan area can be an exciting but scary time in your life. Before beginning the search as first-time home buyers, consider having a conversation with a mortgage broker. This discussion will provide you with valuable insights into the advantages and drawbacks of the process. Brokers are licensed experts with access to multiple lenders, offering personalized service and extensive industry experience. The mortgage broker and borrowers work together in the process. They discuss your financial situation and the maximum you can borrow. In this article, you will learn these mortgage basics for your knowledge. What are the mortgage benefits for first-time home buyers, Comprehensive guide to buying your first home in Ontario, How to create a budget that is essential for financial control, How speaking to a mortgage broker can help, What are Fixed Mortgages, What are Variable Mortgages and How much is the required payment amount for first-time home buyers in Vaughan. Owning a home can be a great and enjoyable choice. I can help you make this decision with care. I can help you make this decision with care.
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Did you have some issues with your money when you were younger? Perhaps you went through a messy divorce and suffered a small business failure. When you want to understand your finances better, one of the areas you need to look at is your credit score. The highest credit score in Canada is 900 and the lowest is 300. In this guide, you will learn how to improve your credit score to help you manage your finances better. It also tackles how credit score works, ways to improve your credit score, how to check your credit score, how long will it take to improve your credit score, and how good or bad credit score affects mortgage loans in Vaughan, ON. Your credit score is one of the most important focus when obtaining finance. It affects many aspects of your financial situation. Lenders need to assess their risk factors when granting a mortgage. This makes it all the more important to create positive habits. Contribute to improving your score over time and get the right advice. When you do not have the score required to get the best rates, we can find alternative solutions. We will work on improving your credit as a team and can find a solution together.
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No matter the reason, mortgage refinancing involves various steps, including submitting an application, assessing property value, undergoing underwriting, and finalizing the new agreement. It’s crucial to consider costs and benefits, and you can choose to work with your current lender or explore others for the best terms. Mortgage brokers offer valuable guidance through this complex process.In short, mortgage refinancing offers opportunities to save, change terms, access funds, and consolidate debt. It’s essential to carefully weigh your goals and options. Timing is crucial in your mortgage refinance plans. I can help you understand the market and identify if current rates are beneficial for you.The idea of a mortgage refinance process is to help you gain a better financial advantage by using your home’s equity. It might seem to be a simple enough process, but it can start to get overwhelming, especially when you dive into the whole process. This is where I can come in and assist you from start to finish, while alleviating the stress and pressure.
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If your mortgage renewal is fast approaching then you’ll soon be at an important financial milestone. It’s a crucial financial juncture. Seize this chance to explore competitive rates and innovative options. Lenders send renewal forms, but don’t rush; 70% of return forms are unquestioned. Before signing, ask important questions about this valuable opportunity. You can call me to discuss other options. Capitalizing on multiple lenders competing for your business guarantees the best rate. With access to major banks, credit unions, trusts, and regional lenders, we wield strong negotiation power to secure your ideal mortgage fit. Make a move and reach out today, I will help you the best way I can.

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There are circumstances when a borrower does not qualify for a traditional mortgage. It is common that a prospective borrower does not have good credit or does not qualify with the banks given their trade and proof of income, this is when the Private Lending comes in. Learn how private lenders can help, what documentation is needed, what private lenders do, what types of borrowers private lender is likely to encounter and determine if a deal is viable for your private lending business. Becoming a private money lender is indeed a very promising venture. If you have a surplus amount of cash that you wish to invest in an opportunity that is safe, then private lending could be a good option for you. However, you must acquaint yourself with the nuances of the business to develop a good understanding of it. It has a good prospect of making the money work for you and earning a profit and passive income. You can take it up full-time as well and can choose your niche accordingly. Call today for a free analysis of what you can afford.
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Are you a Canadian homeowner looking to secure your financial future, particularly in your retirement years? My name is Lucia Gugliuzzi, a Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist, dedicated to helping you with your finances. I have extensive experience in the field. My expertise lies in reverse mortgages in Canada. I can assist you in understanding and benefiting from these mortgages. You will learn what a reverse mortgage in Canada is, how it works, what are its benefits, common misconceptions about reverse mortgages and eligibility criteria in Canada. They allow you to access the value of your home and improve your retirement. Discover how this unique financial solution can provide you with peace of mind and financial security in your golden years. Don’t let financial worries overshadow your retirement dreams. Contact me today to schedule a personalized consultation. Learn how a reverse mortgage can give you financial freedom and peace of mind during your retirement.

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Please contact me for a free consultation if you need help with mortgages and real estate.

We can explore tailored solutions to address your unique financial needs and aspirations.

You can count on me as your steadfast guide and honesty. I can help you navigate the intricate path to financial success.

Clients have chosen to stand by my side, confident in my role as a dependable mortgage broker. They have followed my advice and used it to improve their finances. I made a point that they could always call me; I was always here to help.

Don’t just take my word for it.
See what my clients say.

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“With a brief description of the financing I need to Lucia, and my general financial picture, she immediately went to work. Her short and exact interview extracted the required information from me for her to configure exactly what I needed in a few options. Her method of configuration and solutions were imbued with what is best for me base on my financial picture and my financing needs. All the logistics were effectively and efficiently put into effect by Lucia to get an appropriate financing deal done in the shortest time. Lucia kept her monitoring eye and updated me regularly on all the flow of my cycle to a done. This is elegant service and care from Lucia and I am very please with her execution, service and commitment to help me get my financing needs fully handled. Thank you Lucia !!”

B.R. from Vaughan, Ontario

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“Lucia…we met a year ago and you helped us purchase our home. We knew that we were going to have a challenging year, but we did it and have increased our investment. You once again helped us to refinance with a more manageable payment structure and at the same time saving thousands of dollars. You are truly an amazing person and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts all that you have done. You are not just our mortgage broker,you are a friend, and we treasure the relationship! Thank you”

Theresa, from Markham, Ontario

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“I had the opportunity to work with Lucia in the search for my first home’s mortgage. That was a pleasant experience. Lucia was very informative throughout the whole process with numbers that make sense. She advised us on different scenarios and different approaches for the best results. I feel very comfortable making my own decision based on Lucia’s advice to look for the mortgage that best suited my situation. I definitely recommend Lucia’s service to assist in your search for a new home. Paul Dinh”

Paul, from Vaughan, Ontario

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“We have been dealing with Lucia since 2008 and we didnt have any issues with her. She’s very accomodating and listens to our needs. She would explains the process thoroughly to us and answers our questions well. She comes highly recommended.”

Agnes T, from Toronto, Ontario

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“Our experience was a thoroughly enjoyable one. We felt fully supported during the entire process. We can’t wait to begin our next mortgage adventure with Lucia Gugliuzzi (Lic. 12296). Thanks so much!”

Alex P, from Richmond Hill, Ontario

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“My experience with working with Lucia is a memorable one, she is very professional, but is also very down to earth as well, she knows her job very well, and is more than willing to go above and beyond for you. Thank you so much Lucia!”

Khem, from Markham, Ontario

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” I have used Lucia about 4 times within the last 10 years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Not only does Lucia provide excellent mortgage advice, but her knowledge and experience make her an excellent sounding board on decisions. her admin work is top notch. If she says she’ll get the job done.

Michelle S. Mathias, from Vaughan, Ontario

Frances ProtopapasFrances Protopapas
02:50 28 Nov 23
I am so satisfied over the years of many mortgage transactions for myself that I had recommended Lucia to my children, whom in turn have used her many times with satisfaction. My children in turn have also referred Lucia to their friends for a great experience.We feel Lucia is experienced, knowledgeable and has good resources to then follow up with the lawyers to make sure the process is completed in a timely manner. Lucia is an honest, dedicated broker and I continue to recommend her to anyone that wants to get it right the first time.
Barry CaverlyBarry Caverly
18:53 16 Nov 23
We could not be more happy with the interactions we had with Lucia during our latest house purchase. She is so professional and represented us very well to the lenders and we feel she worked extremely hard to get us the best possible deal.We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a mortgage.
Katrina & NathanKatrina & Nathan
17:56 09 Nov 23
Lucia has been incredible to work with, and she has helped us tremendously in securing a great mortgage rate for our first home together! The level of professionalism she displayed from start to finish was impeccable. She was always attentive, would listening to our concerns, and always made herself available to answer our questions. She was always communicating with us and advocated for us throughout the process. Trust me, you will not get this kind of service anywhere else!
Eric AshfieldEric Ashfield
23:00 25 Aug 23
Lucia always offers calm professionalism and absolute dedication to my best interests. She is not judgemental but at the same time, she is practical and absolutely honest. I was right to trust her and you can too! A top, honest professional.
Kalidas KalimuthuKalidas Kalimuthu
22:11 17 Aug 23
Response and friendly communication move to next step.
Anjana SharmaAnjana Sharma
19:36 30 Jul 23
She is very knowledgeable and helpful. She guided us the right path just through a phone call.
Emelle YalcinEmelle Yalcin
18:39 20 Apr 23
Lucia is an AMAZING mortgage broker!! We trusted her to get us the best mortgage rate and she delivered AGAIN. She works very hard to get you the best deal and keeps you informed all through the process. She was an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone, especially 1st time home buyers. Thank you Lucia!
Atena HAtena H
00:27 23 Dec 22
My family and I are living in our new home about half a year now and it would never have been possible without the skilled determination and expertise of Lucia. We were previously working with someone else before Lucia that ended very badly and we were left discouraged and without hope. Lucia came referenced to me by my boss and I'm still thanking him to this day. My husband didn't have much history in terms of credit being a travelling musician all his life, but somehow Lucia made the impossible happen. Securing us with a great rate, terms and borrowing account.She loves what she does and it shows! Its hard to find that these days especially in mortgage brokerage. I hope to work with her again someday if we every choose to move again. It would be a pleasure.
Dolores BrennanDolores Brennan
23:15 13 Dec 22
Lucia was an absolute pleasure to deal with, professional beyond words and totally went above and beyond to help us out with a very difficult financial arrangement. She is so knowledgeable about current market trends and has such patience and determination to make sure she gets you what you need was remarkable.I would highly recommend this amazing lady whose work ethics are incredible.
Ryan CurryRyan Curry
22:35 25 Mar 22
Lucia was able to help me secure my mortgage renewal at a great rate. I was under pressure to lock in the best rate as fast as possible and she made it happen without sacrificing a fraction of a point. She has great interpersonal skills and knowledge of the industry. She worked very quickly and efficiently. Her super quick response time to texts and phone calls was astounding. All in all a great experience. Thank you, Lucia!
Nat BarnesNat Barnes
17:41 08 Jun 21
I can't believe I'm writing this, but Lucia actually made getting a new mortgage a FUN experience! She is an absolute expert in her field, she is tenacious, and she clearly puts her clients first. But even more than that, Lucia is a genuinely kind and thoughtful person who took the time to get to know my family to understand our goals, limitations, and dreams for a new home. Every interaction with Lucia is enjoyable. At the end of the day, she got us exactly what we needed at a great rate... and made it a great experience. I recommend Lucia without reservation.