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Welcome to advisor mortgage, where you will find mortgage advice and education in Vaughan and nearby areas in Ontario! I am Lucia Gugliuzzi, your mortgage advisor on the journey to homeownership.

As a Mortgage Broker in Vaughan and nearby areas in Ontario, I’ve developed a unique approach beyond traditional mortgage transactions. We don’t just find you mortgage rates; we look at the long-term goal while giving mortgage and financial education.

I understand your dreams, goals, and financial situation; I firmly believe in the power of asking the right questions that illuminate your homeownership path.

I aim to ensure your journey is successful and without surprises. Time spent now on meticulous mortgage advice is an investment in a future without unwelcome shocks.

I have built my skills and financial education, which I can offer to my clients. My passion is helping individuals in Vaughan, nearby areas and Ontario who need guidance with every aspect of their economic life. This is why I have connected with professionals like me.

Many people praise me as one of Ontario’s most exceptional Mortgage Brokers. Why?

I’m here to help you with various situations. These can be:

Please don’t worry; I provide support for your mortgage needs. This is why I offer a free consultation.

My distinction lies in my profound understanding of the local property market in Ontario and my unwavering commitment to my clients.

I go beyond finding you the most favourable mortgage advice, rates and terms.

  1. I simplify the process. I aim to ensure you understand each step, every available option, and all the decisions involved.
  2. I pride myself on delivering exceptional customer service and earning the loyalty of my clients, who return to me and recommend my services to others.
  3. You may see what my clients say HERE

Please allow me to be your guide and enlighten you. I simplify things, give helpful advice, and help you find the best mortgage solution for your needs.

Why entrust your homeownership aspirations to Lucia Gugliuzzi? I believe in going beyond style, offering a range of services beyond the usual.

Need help with Credit Repair and budget in Vaughan, nearby areas and Ontario?

I am here to help If you need help with your credit and need help with budget planning.

I love guiding clients through this path. Many lenders are offering credit with few demands.

Individuals who need help to afford their credit payments can face challenges in money management. That’s why I guide you through a detailed and comprehensive budget analysis.

Mortgage calculator, get pre-approved

I believe in educating and sharing. I provide a Mortgage Calculator to help you understand and handle numbers easily. My free mortgage calculator provides the calculations to purchase a home in Ontario.

Expenses related to purchasing a home and refinancing include legal and appraisal costs. Some of these costs are:

  • Land Transfer taxes
  • legal costs,
  • Appraisal
  • moving, and much more

I have worked with financial experts in lending, loans, leasing, and mortgages. Why? To offer you a holistic financial solution that addresses every facet of your financial journey.

Would you like Mortgage advice in Vaughan, nearby areas and Ontario?

I invite you to an introduction meeting to discuss your needs, dreams, goals, and vision of owning a home; this way, we can explore more options.

We can chart a course that leads you to your desired destination; click here to schedule a call.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I’m excited to help you with your homeownership journey using my knowledge, commitment, and friendly attitude.